Are You Ready For 10,000 Points To Be Shaved Off Of The Stock Market?

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The Bible says that the fool just simply does what seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice. Proverbs 12:15

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Thanks and God bless!

Sean Hyman

Thanks. Yes, there are many financial principles in the Bible and others that certainly apply to our finances as well.

Please share this timely/crucial video on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) and via email. People need to know what could potentially happen.

For some reason, I am unable to hear audio on the above on my IPad. Not sure why. I listen to all your weekly videos on YouTube. Any suggestions on how to get volume or maybe another link?

Just heard and amazing statement from a pastor. “In the train of life, emotions make a great caboose, but they make a lousy engine. When emotions take the lead, they can really lead us astray”. He was referring to the Will of God and how we can’t just rely on our emotions about decisions, we also need to read the Word. So relevant to what you’ve been talking about Sean around the Fundamentals.


I'm trying to decide whether to withdraw cash and almost pay of my mortgage (my nursing salary has plummeted this last 18months, meaning no spare cash to add in). Or, shall I sit and use it to buy in when the time comes ... (this is not a question, more a debate). I don't have much to be honest. So the mortgage option may well be best, as currently I have paid a lot in buying fees in order to diversify. Stocks I have like DBA that were 10% up (before fees taken on sale .. so in real terms maybe 4%) are now around 20% down. I think I should probably just have sold in order to at least break even now .... Basically I have never had enough ('enough' means enough to offset fees in real terms) when the time to buy was best. Best time was Brexit.


Thanks Sean: that's been my thinking. I'm praying it through over these next few days.


Yep, just make sure you know your full costs (taxes/penalties, etc.) first before making that decision. Also, if it won't pay it all off, it would need to do so within a relatively short period of time in order to relieve you of the mortgage payments.