A Huge Shift Is About To Happen & This Will Be A Huge Catalyst!

If you listen to the economics professors in college and read the textbooks, they'll tell you that when interest rates

go up, it attracts money to a currency and when interest rates go down, it encourages money away from the currency and into other higher yielding currencies. And, in general, that's true.

However, just knowing the "textbook" cases will never ultimately make one successful in their assessment of the dollar. Why? It's because there are plenty of times when it doesn't follow the philosophies laid out in the textbooks. (It's one reason why professors, many times, make horrible investors).

Just a few years ago, we were in an interest rate lowering environment and the dollar went up and now we're in an interest rate hiking environment and the dollar is falling. It's doing the opposite of what these professors have taught their students.

But real-life investing experience teaches you that when an asset does opposite of what it's technically supposed to do, it's a really contrarian sign (in this case, a very bearish sign for the dollar). Let's take a look at the chart below.

The dollar peaked just before the calendar turned over to 2017. Then it broke its (green) uptrend line early on in 2017. Around the same time, it broke below its 50-week moving average and that moving average began to curl downward.

Lately, the price of the U.S. Dollar Index has dropped below its 200-week moving average and below the key level of support that's held for several years now, around the 91-93ish area.

Now I can't say that the dollar can't get a "beark market bounce" higher sometime soon...but when the bounces higher continue to hold below the 200-week moving average and below the 91 level, you'll know "the shift" is underway.

The RSI and MACD allude to this coming. And at this time, the index is below that support zone. However, above, you'll see two scenarios (in yellow) that I think are the most likely scenarios for the dollar going forward.

I believe, overall, it's going to continue to drop and head back towards its historic lows found on this 10-year chart. As that happens, it's going to turbo-charge the returns of assets like: gold, silver, gold mining stocks, platinum, foreign currencies and commodity-related stocks.

As that happens, its very likely that money is going to flow out of the broader stock market and into these areas mentioned above.

Additionally, foreigners that ran to the U.S. stock market in year's past because of its superior performance relative to their home stock markets will begin to flee our market as they continue to get whacked on the currency exchange rate (when they convert back from dollars to their home currencies).

Before, they were gaining on BOTH the stock's appreciation and the exchange rate. Now they're losing on the exchange rate and soon they'll be losing on their overall stock appreciation as well. As this happens, they'll leave our market like their butts were set on fire. And that will cause the dollar to dive even faster and these other assets mentioned to rocket ever-higher!

God bless!

Had to laugh at your comment about "they'll leave our market like their butts were on fire." thanks for the insight and the mental image!


Ha-ha! You’re welcome. Yes, they’ll exit quickly as it’s obvious to them that it’s getting worse.

Sean..Why would investors leave US market when the corporate tax rate has been lowered to 21. Look at what Apple has just done by expanding and bringing all of there cash back from overseas. If other companies do the same not sure how I see the dollar dropping that much more. Explain?

Because foreigners now know their markets are cheaper relative to our overvalued markets. And savvy U.S. investors are investing overseas for the same reasons. The amount of investors and companies investing abroad will likely outweigh the cash a few, large overseas companies bring home. Plus, just because they can bring it home doesn't mean they will or have to. They may have $40 billion they could bring back and choose to bring back $3 billion, etc. So lots of speculation there.

Should we be buying ABX again?

While I’m bullish on gold stocks, if we go into it, it will likely be with an ETF.

It's very interesting to see all the shifting of money beginning to transpire. So I've been watching DBA lately, but I'm not sure the commodity sector has bottomed yet, but looking at the chart it seems like a good entry price, but I don't know much about that ETF. Can you help me out with some logical advise please.


Yes it is interesting to watch. Commodities in general have made the turn and are trending higher. But it doesn't mean every segment of the commodity complex has. Some lead, some lag. Some turn before others. Make sure you're invested in all of the LI picks and have plenty of cash for future LI picks and for averaging down on those picks before going into former picks. The LI picks will have the most common insight/advice via weekly videos, etc.

Thank you Sean, It's really nice to have your experience available to us. Thanks again


You're welcome. I appreciate that. Help me spread the word about it.