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Hi Sean, Thanks for all your information. I have a question about why all the markets of other countries crash when the US market crashes? Why would we want to buy any Chinese position if there is an expected crash and everyone crashes? Thanks!! :)


Because many countries get scared when the most watched stock market in the world (The U.S. stock market) gets hammered. They say when our stock market sneezes, the world catches a cold. Fear spreads because fear is an emotion that's easily transferable, unfortunately.

Why our pick there? Go back to the original recommendation in the monthly issue and look at how fundamentally sound it is. Its one of the few, HUGE sound values in the world right now. Also, check out Thursday's video why I said you should cheer if it dropped through its initial support...and why. https://www.themaven.net/seanhyman/premium/logical-investor-weekly-video-02-08-18-uAbe9VDe40uJtobzmTvDjA

Good question. Glad you asked it because I'm sure others have the same question.