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Yep, the first two things I started reading about money were Money Magazine and Kiplinger's. They were shorter articles vs longer books (because I had such a short attention span at the time) and they were easier for me to understand, since I knew absolutely nothing about finances then.


I like the one where you prioritize when you choose to make your purchases when the sales are most likely on or the demand for those items is down (and thus the price is lower).

I started reading Kiplinger when I was young also for the same reason! Short articles and easy to understand so I could keep learning until I understood more advanced concepts.


#9 on the list talked about loads with mutual funds every time one buys in. I wonder if that applies to 401Ks each time as well. Do you know? Should I check with our company 401K company?


Yeah, I had to take baby steps because I didn't know anything financially and the industry lingo was like speaking another language that I didn't yet understand. So back in the day, Money and Kiplingers helped me a lot. They were good for my training wheels phase. ha-ha.


There are some 401ks that used to offer loaded funds as well. So you might check. Loaded funds aren't as common these days as they used to be. But I was never a fan of loaded funds. (For those reading this and wondering what we're talking about...it's where the fund charges you a large fee up front).

#10 Get Advice for Less...I think Sean’s advice are priceless