He was my first pick from the beginning. Knew he would shake up the norm.

What an inspiring speech! I love how he paid respect to the many normal ordinary every day people who have done extraordinary things, they deserved it. He came off as really being humble and thankful. It truly is so nice to have a leader of our country that makes you feel proud to be an American again. We all have much to look forward to. Thanks be to God!


Yes, I'm thrilled to have one that gives honor and respect to God and to our military too. It was one of the best speeches from a president that I've heard.

Yes, I agree best I've ever heard HooRah!!


Yes. His speech happening right now is amazing too.

Now just know...when the stock market downturn happens, it will get blamed on him because he's the most obvious scapegoat...but just know, he didn't cause it and he likely can't prevent it either.

I agree. Do you think the recovery will be more swift than others due to Trump's economy energizing policies?

There's no way to tell ahead of time, for sure. Trump's doing the right things but I don't think there's anything that can save the market from a correction because stock prices and corporate earnings have gotten too far apart from each other. And earnings can't jolt high enough and quickly enough to catch up to stocks and compress the P/E ratios, so stock prices have to dive down until it greatly lowers the P/E ratios instead.

Well thank God you have been preparing us for a while. I have been a follower of yours for about 4 years. I have large cash reserves built up as suggested and my current investments include all commodity positions from prior portfolios. I thank you much for teaching me patience over that time period, it has paid off extremely well with consistent out-sized returns. As well, like you say, I sleep like a baby at night....and that truly is priceless. Thanks again!


Thank you. I sure do appreciate that a lot! You’ll be glad you have those cash positions when almost no one else you know has them and the overall market is diving (much like it did today).