How To Know What Sean Thinks About A Stock,The Stock Market Or Economy

One thing I love about the investor community at is that its becoming a large, searchable database

for investors.

Each day, investors ask me all sorts of questions about individual stocks, the level of the overall stock market, the economy, 401k's, crypto-currencies, etc. What's awesome about that is not only can they get their questions answered...but it also becomes a database of responses about these topics that others can search for.

So if they're wondering what I think about a former portfolio position or a popular stock that's out there, they can put in the name of the stock or its ticker symbol into the search field on the website. Any key words you want to search for can be put into the search box that pops up once you click on the magnifying glass (search symbol) below. See the green arrow which points to where this can be found on the webpage.

You see, usually, if you've got a question about something...others have that same question too. And many times, its already been asked. And its very quick way to get answers to those questions.

Also, the reason why I prefer you asking me questions here vs. on Facebook, Facebook Messenger or Twitter is because no one else really gets to learn from the response on those other sites. But on my site, you can exclusively find out what I think about a stock, ETF, the overall market, economy, etc.

If the answer to your question doesn't exist? Great! Then submit that question and I'll answer it for you and then it will further extend the database.

So every day, people are welcome to ask me questions and I'll be happy to answer them. But if you want the quickest response to your questions or things you're researching, then this can be a really quick way to get your answers.

For instance, you'll find when a certain stock, ETF, etc. is hitting new highs or new lows, there will be a greater influx of questions on that stock or ETF. Therefore, there will be plenty of answers from me about those assets for you to consider.

And the longer the site exists and the more you choose to participate on it by asking questions, making comments and sharing amongst each other on the site, it really builds up a lot of searchable content on the site.

Additionally, we never know what other sites may or may not allow me to say on their sites...but I can always control what appears on my own site. So there are many great reasons to use this as your top resource when looking at stocks, markets, the economy, etc.

Thanks for being a part of this site and adding value to it as you're posting your questions and interacting on the site. I sure do appreciate that. Without you, it wouldn't be nearly what it's already become. So I thank you for that!

God bless!

Can’t say enough about how great this concept is. Having the searching features, the ability to read fellow subscribers questions and your responses has made this solid source for financial knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Sean for this service and I consider your ministry. God bless!


Thank you. Yes, I do feel its my ministry, my teach people (particularly God's people) about money, investing, etc.

Thank you Sean, this is what I needed.


Yes thanks Sean your the only one I've run into that's somebody I trust & have full confidence in. I'm 65 years old & been doing this for a while. Just wished I would of run into you sooner......Take care.


You're welcome, pdstaples3.

Thank you, dominic52. I sure do appreciate that.

Sean, as an senior(old guy) it’s been a great learning experience.
I’ve followed you for some years. The only bad times have been when you have stepped aside and when you left the other network.
I’ve gotten used to this format and have come to really like it.
I have recently sold several stocks with great profits. Could have not done it without you.
At 79 years old, I’m having lots of fun with this.
God Bless you, my friend!


Thanks. Glad you've done so well. Yes, my departure was unexpected and abrupt and not by my choice. The publisher made some quick, drastic changes with a number of writers that way. Didn't seem to be handled all that well. That's why I'm glad I've got more freedom and flexibility over here. I'm glad you love the new format. I do too. Congrats again on those nice profts. God bless you too!

Joined uwr Oct 2013...this format is definitely better. I probably would not have made those rookie mistakes I made earlier on if uwr had this format. But even with rookie moves, I only lost money on BTU which attest to the effectiveness of your approach.


Thanks, Phil. I sure do appreciate that. Yes, an occasional loss will happen. Although in BTU’s case, Obama tried to single-handedly bankrupt the industry. In all my years, I’ve never seen a president do that before. But yes, the overall system protects us and gives us good long-term gains even despite the things that can’t be foreseen like that. I’m so glad you like this format better. I do too. It allows us to all directly talk to one another and in more real-time.