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For those of us who have put some 401K money into money market...knowing no-one knows the exact time...should/could we bring the money back out into play? The beginning of 2019 is still 7.5 months away and my hubby is not going to want to keep it locked away for that long, I'm thinking, if I can be so bold to admit!

He'd have to determine if he wanted to make headway or if he just wanted to be invested no matter what. If its the latter, then he'll likely see large losses, yet be invested. If its the former, then it will require great patience (as all successful investing does). There's no incentive to deploy money into an overvalued market. It would be like thinking its a good time to buy a house in 2007. It's just asking to lose money. Downtrends take a while to unfold. Every one of them are different. But until we see P/E's get cheap again, sentiment get extremely negative and see that we're in wave C's...there's no incentive to deploy the bulk of one's capital back into the market.

Downtrends tend to average at least 9-18 months most of the time and sometimes longer. There are shorter times, like 1987 (but it scared the pants off of investors). And there are long, drawn out ones like in the 1970's that lasted several years.

Pray for a short bear once this one hits...

I could only get him to take half out. I just want to make sure it stays out!!! Thanks y'all!

Ha-ha. Yep, the challenges of being married.

Bekka, I know what your feeling, I moved my entire 401k to a wealth preservation fund, earning about 1.5%, because I remember 2008 crash, it took almost 8 years to get back to where it was before the crash. Without Sean's advice, and my trust in him, I would probably be in the same boat I was in 2008, watching my 401k dwindle. But, now I can wait it out, without emotion, and wait for the markets to become a better value. Thanks Sean, I never would have made that that move before I started subscribing.


Thanks. You’re welcome. Glad I’ve helped.