What do we do regarding Petrobras Litigation

I think most major companies are almost always in some sort of law suit whether its made public or not. So it never factors into my analysis. Why? Its an unknown. It can't be measured. It could get thrown out. They could win. They could lose. They could have insurances to cover stuff, etc. So it's why litigation doesn't matter to me. What matters? Things that are measurable, which is why my system comprises: fundamentals (firstly), technicals and sentiment (secondarily). They're all measurable.

So, I'm never led by news headlines. They're fickle and change all the time. Investors don't judge/reassess their stocks on a daily basis. They make decisions based off of things that don't change quickly/often, like fundamentals.

Also, the worst case scenario has already likely been factored into the stock's price as investors overly-compensate for the worst case scenario. It's why the stock has completed a very major a-b-c downtrend which has been broken to the upside in a new uptrend.

Typically, how long would this uptrend last?

Major uptrends tend to last for many years. Oil is in an uptrend. OPEC has worked on getting the oversupply down because they need higher oil prices. They don't want that trend to end anytime soon. So OPEC and Russia, etc. are doing what they can to keep that trend intact. I don't expect it to end anytime soon. But when does it end? When we see the technical signs on the chart of a trend change/technical breakdowns.

All trends last for a different number of years. Some last a couple of years and others can last a decade. But we'll know more as we watch the charts unfold and see what the big manipulators of oil's price are doing and want.

Keep in mind, Saudi Arabia has a large incentive to keep oil's price high (and going higher) through the IPO of the Saudi Aramco deal (which is still likely a ways away. They've kept putting off the IPO (initial public offering of that stock) likely due to allowing oil more time to head higher so they could sqeeze more dollars/value out of their IPO.

Thanks Sean!

You're welcome.

@linkster if you are asking if you should join the class and take the settlement, as Sean would say, you need to consult your attorney. As I read it, I personally believe it is in my favor to join the class and take the settlement ... on top of the 100% gain I made on PBR. But your situation may be different.

Sean I still have hold PBR ...do you think I should speak to a lawyer and take the settlement from Peterobas.....or can I do this without a lawyer. Is it worth doing this.please advise

I can't give you legal advice. I'm a stock picker. So you'd have to consult someone on that. I'm not worried about any settlements. My profiting comes from buying value and holding on until a good profit via stock appreciation. Profiting from suits, you'd have to consult an attorney.

thanks Sean

You're welcome.