Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway just announced buying almost 19 million shares of TEVA.

Thank you Sean!!


Hi Sean, Vale is almost near my breakeven point. I know you said it would ultimatelyhit the 14-15 range which it has today and then perhaps the 25-27 range. I'd like to sell today with a very incremental loss. Thoughts?

Vale has been a high dividend yielder. So is it possible that you're actually breakeven or up on this including those? Vale could have a sizable pullback given its recent run-up and distance from its major moving averages...before resuming its overall uptrend. What its got going for it is that commodities are broadly heading higher and inflation is going higher and the dollar lower. That's helping its long-term uptrend but won't prevent sizable % pullbacks along the way in the near- to medium-term.

Thanks Sean, that makes sense. How do I accurately figure out how much I'm actually up including the dividends?

You’d have to look back on your brokerage statements. Sometimes you can sort your statement online for dividends. Your broker could tell you if this is possible.

I do have the amount I made in dividends. What's the 'equation' to figure out how well I did?

See how many dollars you made in dividends and divide them by the number of shares that you own and that will show you how much it added to your breakeven/entry price.

Thanks Sean!


You’re welcome.