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Sean, What percent of ones commodity portfolio do you recommend being in cash? I'm presently at 35.5% liquid. That said, my gains are presently between 43 to 46% on MBT, PRB, VALE, and RIO. If I sold these positions my cash holdings would be 52.7% of my portfolio. However, none of these holdings are near your sell recommendation range. So thus the confusion

These are stock market accounts that we have which hold assets of all kinds through them (commodities, foreign currency ETFs, stocks, emerging markets, etc.). I can't recommend a percentage because that will be different for everyone. But you can answer that question by asking yourself how much cash do you want available when the stock market correction hits and how much do you want for averaging down. In an environment where the stock market is at an insane valuation, you'd want to hold more cash in those times than in times where the market is undervalued.


Any holdings that you have an unusual sized gain on (20%+), I'd suggest considering selling and holding the cash for averaging down on present LI positions, future LI positions and for the overall stock market correction that will come. So, certainly things that are up 30-40%+ are candidates for consideration to be sold.

...and congrats on those HUGE gains too!

I'd have none of these gains except for being a student of a Christian brother who teaches Biblical investing principles. It truly has been a blessing. Thank you Sean!


Thank you. I sure do appreciate that. God is good! Amen!