Sean, what do you make of Harry Dent's recent predictions? Along with predicting a stock market crash, which makes sense, he is also saying gold will crash to as low as $400. If this is even close to being right, gold gives us no protection against falling stock prices.

Harry Dent almost always holds the exact opposite views that I do. So if you choose to listen to both of us, you'll likely always be confused. I can't speak for Harry. But if you've followed my newsletters and videos, you know my views.

History shows us what gold does in stock market crashes or corrections. It tends to hold or go up overall while stocks go down, overall.

Gold doesn't look like anything that's going to crash to me. It's already had its a-b-c downtrend from its bubble-like state that it had before the downtrend. And is now trending higher, according to trend lines and both moving averages on the weekly chart.

By the way, I warned when gold and silver had gotten into their asset bubbles too.

The first chart above is the Dow vs. gold. Gold is the pure black line chart. The Dow is in red/black in that top chart.

The boxes are the stock market crash/correction areas.

I really don't take Harry very seriously. His views tend to be very alarmist. For once, his prediction of a market crash makes sense in view of the charts. But I found his gold prediction way off the wall. I didn't read everything he put out, but I suspect he is trying to sell something and is using that prediction on gold to get attention.

Correct. You'll find almost all newsletter publishers are alarmists and generate subscriptions through fear or greed (two of the strongest emotions). That's why you'll find the Logical Investor to be so unique. It gives sound assessments without all of the hype.

Years ago I read Den't books and he even had a fund named after him that was to follow his outlook and it did LOUSY and the fund disappeared. Total bust, also, he disappears off the face of the earth when the s^%$#^*%t hits the fan and it is not what he predicted. I can't believe anyone takes him seriously.


I tend to agree. He's made some outlandish claims that I believe are more to sell books and subscriptions more so than anything. Much of what you'll find out there is hype that sells rather than simply paying for direct analysis that's not overly-hyped up.