Sean, read a question posted about 5 days ago and it was stated that the 401K does not have a cash fund. I'm in a similar situation being retired military, working for the Federal govt, and contributing to a TSP. The only low risk option is a G Fund that invests in securities. What do you think will happen to securities in a major correction? Thx, Andrew

Most plans have a cash type of fund but many people don't realize it because it doesn't have the word cash in it. It will usually say "money market fund" or "stable value fund", etc. Check with your 401k administrator to see if you have any options like this. So far, I haven't seen a 401k that had no cash type of option. Stocks are securities too. So it depends on what that fund holds (the G Fund). Even if it holds treasuries, it could be a risk at this particular time. So a cash type of fund would be one to consider.

Thx Sean, but the government Thrift Savings Plan only has 5 options. Guess I'm stuck. Fortunately, I am retired military and this isn't truly retirement savings.

Also, been with you since January 2015 and you have taught me a lot. I made over 40% on my portfolio during the first commodities run up. I trusted your advice and history and kept buying as stocks like TECK hit $3. My kids actually made roughly 600% on that one because I got them started when commodities bottomed out.

Wow, that's really awesome to hear your returns and the returns your kids got! Awesome! Thanks for sharing that.

For some reason in our 401 the Money Market fund was closed and the low risk treasury fund was the only alternative. Hubby is calling today to ask why the money market would be closed. Hmmm.


My husband called and the 401K folks said the money market fund was closed because too many people wanted in. I asked him to check from time to time as there may be a window to still get in otherwise he will probably opt for the low risk treasury one.