Sean,looking at your latest portfolio, should we then start to unload SLV ?

You're welcome.

I would like to mention that TUR is a Turkish ETF. MBT is a Russian stock. DO is American. I would sell DO buy why the other ones, since they are foreign ETFs & stock? I'm currently waiting for a pullback on OGZPY and then I will buy it again.

That's a good question and you could throw MBT in there as well. But, I can answer part of it, and that is to capture great profits and to raise cash for future picks. Also, Sean has said if you want to keep the stock, only cash out half.

I should say, Sean has suggested...haha

Regardless of where they're based out of, if you're up 20%+ or more (besides those exceptions I named), I'd consider selling the former positions and raising cash levels big-time.

earlier I thought you had CEO in the "keep" bin. Is that now moved to sell?

It's all relative to where you bought and how much you're up. If you're up 20%+, I'd consider selling. If you're not up on it, I'd consider holding it. If you're up only some, then you could do either. Keep in mind, this stock is way away from its 200-day moving average now AND its 200-week moving average. So even though its uptrend likely continues, it first will likely have a massive % pullback towards these averages before heading into the next advancing wave.