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Sean, just joined the Logical Investor, glad to be back with you, was with you on the UWR. You gave great advice on that site, as well as great teaching. I look forward to more of the same. Is there an update on TEVA to be found anywhere? Still learning my way around the site.

On the left sidebar, there is a magnifying glass symbol. Clicking that allows you to search. I put in "TEVA" and clicked on "search all rooms in Sean Hyman" to get the results

Nothing new on Teva. It's towards the end of a wave C on its weekly chart. The selling volume is beginning to lighten up. Fundamentally, its strong enough to hold but I wouldn't add to it, necessarily. The good: It's an $11 billion company with a forward P/E of 3. And it earned $7.42 billion last year. The not so good: They have $599 million in cash and $35 billion in debt. So...once the price begins to bounce back, it will help the market-cap to debt ratio but I don't like it that they have quite a bit of debt now and they don't have as much cash on their books as I'd like to see.

EdK, it's good to have you here with us. James, thanks for helping him out. James is one of my moderators.

In an effort to recover, would you recommend averaging down, assuming TEVA is at or near its bottom. Considering this as to lower my break even price in order to sell and invest elsewhere. Loving the site and interaction among the members.