Sean, I am a Premium member, but for some reason I am unable to login or access any departments when using my computer. However, I can access everything on my iPhone. I am using a different computer than when I purchased the Premium membership. Can you help me?

That means you are either not logged in on that computer you're using or you're not using the same email/password that you used when you signed up as a subscriber.

I won't know the password that you used, but you did subscribe using this email:

Let me know if you get logged back in.

Sean, thank you for responding to my message. Still not able to login. The word “login” is in place of my initial. You have my email address correct. I will contact Geek Squad for assistance.
I was using a Windows (?) but now using a Mac.

Try using another browser on that computer as well. If you're using Safari (Mac's browser), download Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and try them. See if that does it.

Will do and let you know 😊😶



Yes! Using Chrome is the answer. Thank you so much!


Awesome! Glad that worked!