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Sean, hesitate to bring this up, however I’m an old guy (79) who has been watching th this oh for several years and you are the best. Lots of fun with your teachings. But! I really wish it was easier to find info such as your buy points, etc. without having to search thru the vidieos. The older brains aren’t as sharp as is the hearing. Thanks for listening and I sure find your info very enjoyable and profitable.

Thanks. I'm glad to have you with me here. You don't have to wonder where the buys are at. They're all at a link at the bottom of the newsletters, right before where I sign off with "God bless". Here's the latest monthly newsletter. https://www.themaven.net/seanhyman/premium/the-logical-investor-november-2017-PfArhh5chUmSYpvZDrr6BQ

In that link you'll find what we're buying, when, at what price, etc. all in one place.

I'm so glad you're enjoying it.