Sean, any thoughts on NRBAY...?

Thank you sir. I just joined your subscription. I was with you at UWR since 2013. In 2016 I averaged 94% with what you teach. Last year I was up a little over 13% which is below market, but I was positioning myself for this pullback and I obviously did not have your sound advice in my head. It's good to be back with you. Thanks again for what you do.


Ah! No wonder. It's a pink sheet stock. So information is going to be limited, it's not likely to draw in large amounts of capital from large institutions and it doesn't have high enough volume. But no, we'll never be in thinly traded pink sheet issues. Don't believe everything you read on Seeking Alpha. Almost anyone can start to write there. It doesn't take much seasoned experience.

And jamesA makes a great point about their debt levels being insane. Why buy a company with more debt than its entire market cap? Again, that's the folly of some of the guys that write about stocks at Seeking Alpha, they'll sometimes get you into any crappy stock that they can dream up a decent story about, that sounds good.

Its good to have you back here with me. Yes, if you listen to too many voices, you'll always be confused. You'll also find that most people won't get you into very sound stocks, fundamentally. Any stock that has a sexy story or that is eclectic sounding will be promoted, but its typically not wise to be in.

You have taught me a lot when it comes to fundamentals and technical aspects of vetting stocks. I have utilized your knowledge and wisdom when it comes to sector funds and have done quite well with my IRA's and the kids 529 plans as well. Always looking forward to your comments on positions. I also like the fact that we can communicate like this... I was not aware of this capability with UWR... not sure if it was possible then. By the way, I find it interesting that Warren Buffet tells folks to buy a S&P index fund when he has over $100 Billion of his clients money in a cash position. I watch what they do, not what they say... and I listen to you my friend. Thanks again


That capability doesn't exist under the traditional newsletter model that most follow. It's why I like this model so much better. Plus, my newsletters and videos are released in real-time. Formerly newletters were 3 weeks delayed and videos 1 day delayed.

Yeah, Buffett himself doesn't buy index funds and yes, he keeps a ton of cash available. It's part of his secret sauce.

I'm glad what I've taught you has been so helpful.