Keep in mind that when I talk about "going to cash", particularly as it concerns a 401k or IRA, I"m NOT referring to taking the money out of that tax deferred account. I'm referring to taking it to its money market account that resides (or gets swept into) cash via the money market WITHIN the tax deferred account.

Sean, my company 401k doesn’t have a money market or cash option within the account. It only has large cap, balanced, and bond. I can only move among these 3 or completely withdraw which would be taxed. Would you have a recommendation of which would be safer. I had moved about 66% into bond thinking this is the lower risk? Shirley

I just read a similar question and your response from a few weeks ago. I will contact my 401k administrator and see what options I have, if any, for a cash account.
Thank you Sean for your logical advice. I followed you under UWR and was so happy to find you were back. Love this new format. God bless you and your family in this coming year.

So if you take your percentage allocations to zero, where does it go? Likely into a money market sweep account, even though they don't always list those. Ask your 401k administrator.

You're welcome. I'm glad you're here with me too. Yes, I agree. This format is far superior to the traditional newsletter format. I love it too! God bless you as well!

Hi Sean, I called 401k administrator regarding a money market sweep account and we don’t have that option available. I guess our most conservative would be our Bond account but as you’ve said even that is not really safe right now. I have made some great profits on my on brokerage account following your advice. Having made a good profit, I sold BP, Qualcomm, and Rio in order to build up cash for a future pull back and opportunities. Thanks for your continued advice.

Ask them if you took your percentage allocations in Stocks and bonds to 0%, where does the money go?

Also, I’m so glad you’ve done so well on those stocks. Congrats!