If a stock is in a Wave 3, going strong, and then the bear market hits, but it is an emerging market, such as our pick, RSX, how much of a time lapse, generally, occurs before it gets back on track heading to those highs you gave us back in August?

Hi Sean, regarding this Russian stock chart, I thought wave 3 usually goes higher than wave 1, and you are saying that wave 3 is almost finished, but is significantly lower than wave 1 at this moment. Can you explain. Thank you

I just saw that you were doing the wave counting short term, I ess counting long term. My bad. I see what you are saying.

It already has surpassed the high of wave 1.

Wave 1 ended at $18.97 and we've already seen $24.05 in wave 3.

It's a long-term count on a 10-year chart.

Click on the chart and it will blow it up larger so that you can see the counts more easily. Sometimes its hard to see them in detail in the smaller/original chart.

Got it, thank you


Thanks for being such an active follower of the site.

You both gave me insight, and I decided to take 38% profits on RSX. Thanks!