Hi Sean! Where will your sell recommendations be located? And will you let us know when to sell the…

Hi Sean!
Where will your sell recommendations be located? And will you let us know when to sell the picks from UWR?
Also, what are your thoughts about MBT since it seems to be far away from the 50 & 200 moving averages?

Hi Karen,
I'll try to answer questions in reverse order:
1) MBT - Sean's video update covering the old UWR & AP positions indicates a minimum price target for MBT of $15-18 per share. Current share price at the time of this comment is $10.99. As it is stretched from its moving averages and RSI is oversold, however, a pullback of some sort may be on the way before ultimately heading higher. Still, it looks like a bullish golden cross is coming soon.
2)Where will sell recommendations be located? - As we have yet to get a sell recommendation on any of the new picks (and it will likely be several months or even years before we approach that point), Sean will determine how to release that info. I would anticipate it will be similar to his current model of informing subscribers via the weekly video updates and monthly newsletters, located under the "Premium" tab.


Newsmax controls the former portfolio but my thoughts on sell targets for you to note and follow are found in this weekly video. Write down all of those sell ranges. https://www.themaven.net/seanhyman/premium/logical-investor-weekly-video-08-17-17-WK96K4p0NUGCWoY92ktv8Q

Logical Investor Weekly Video 08/17/17 - Sean Hyman

Logical Investor Weekly Video 08/17/17 - Sean Hyman

Just before I start into our new stock picks, I want to take time in this particular video to go over positions for former subscribers concerning those previous portfolios. In this video, note the sell price targets I give for each of those stocks. That way, you'll have my insights on those former

James hit the nail on the head.

Yep! Already did when it first came out. I just know things can change and when MBT got far away from the moving averages I started to wonder about it. Thanks


Yes, but that won't change my big-picture projections for MBT. But yes, it could pullback in the near-term, since it's away from its moving averages on its daily chart. However, on its weekly chart, it's likely still in a major wave 1. Many upward waves still to go.

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