Hi Sean: Was wondering if it was now time to sell Encana (ECA)? It is dipping again, but not yet at the $21-$23 target you set for selling.

I'd imagine Schwab has offices in your country.

Thanks Sean :) Don't have enough in the account for Schwab (has to be min $25k), but thanks anyway !

Hmmm. In the US you only need $25k if you’re day trading.

Schwab Brokerage Accounts

International investors can take advantage of two types of Schwab brokerage accounts. For individuals, we offer the Charles Schwab UK account. Corporations ......

For individuals outside the U.S.

At Schwab individual investors enjoy personal support and service coupled with a wealth of resources, an extensive range of choices and access to the market. Schwab's clients enjoy a wide variety of services and online trading site that gives you access to:

In-depth research and information
Online trade execution services
Powerful online capabilities
Minimum to open: US$25,000

HL is a good form. Thats why we pay £12 a transaction. 20+ transactions a month brings it down to £5.95, but I don't buy/sell very often. They have a well set up site, which is good for a novice, and that I don't see in the other firms. They are also always willing to answer questions. Other firms may be cheaper, but I would say there is probably always a catch ....

It's amazing they have that high of a minimum for international. Wow!

Maybe away of concentrating on ‘‘homegrown’ investments .. ? In many ways it’s slways best to remain with own country companies ( for these type of things). In a way that is what the EEC was supposed to be about ... `but the most important is that I don't believe I can hold a SIPP or ISA in an American firm (I think these are similar to the US 401 accounts)


Sure. No prob with sticking with what you know and you're familiar with.

Maybe there are government charges these overseas firms need to recuperate by charging the investor in some way .. never mind :) We can only do the best we can at the time, in given circumstances. Thanks for your input Sean.


Yep, I'm not sure.