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Hi Sean, Love the new site. I was with you in UWR and am very excited for have found you again. I wish UWR the best but it's just not the same.

I'm retired and currently I'm about 50% in cash. Over the years I've done most styles; day trading, swing trading, momentum trading...whatever you want to call the variations of trading. I sleep better and make better returns being an investor, not a trader, but at this point I can't afford a serious downturn with my entire available funds as I do depend on my returns to fund some of my modest lifestyle. That said, I've been doing some minor momentum trading and done fair with them. I use Elliot Wave counts on good companies and I usually make money although not big money. On such trades as these trades I don't take a lot of chances. I'm curious if your advocate some trading vs. investing under similar circumstances?

Hi Sean, well it seems I may be guilty of doing what I'm critical of others for. I just realized you have a video out on momentum trading. I've not yet had a chance to review it. I will do so shortly. Sorry if I asked a question already answered:-)

Thanks for the kind words. And it's good to have you with me over here. While I'm not as much for trading as investing, it becomes more dangerous to trade near the end of bull markets (wave 5's on the major indexes). That's when momentum trades can turn on you the most, when the bear market begins.

I think you'll enjoy the article on trading vs investing.