Hi Sean.

I'm down 11% on the mining pick. On the daily chart the RSI is approaching a recent oversold low. However, the low is below the previous low. The MD is definitely heading downward. Isn't the rule of thumb to average down ~10%. However, this appears to have a definite downward trend with more to come.

I had to alter your statement above so that you don't give away our stock picks for free.

Sorry. I was hoping the carriage returns would drop it below eye leve.

Fundamentals and my opinions don't change that quickly. Remember, we hold positions typically for years. A suggested support is on that video too.

I hoped adding carriage returns would drop the sensitive text below what the non-subscription user would see,.

I won't repeat that mistake.

OH! In the Ask Sean area (or any tab except the Premium tab) they can see 100% of everything you post without being a subscriber. Without being a subscriber, they can still see the first few lines of what you write in the Premium tab too. It's why I'm shrouded in how I talk. See that video. I talk about that in there too.



You're welcome.