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Hi Sean. I have read your e-book on Options. Do you search for large cap stocks only or does that matter?

I tend to stick to larger companies because their options tend to have the most liquidity and they tend to get the most media attention which can help spike their stock prices at times. So large and mega cap are my focus. Mid-caps are ok at times too. But I'm not a fan of using options on small capitalization stocks.

...and thanks for reading my book.

That certainly makes sense. Since we are nearing the end of a long bull market, would it be wise to wait until after the correction has taken place before buying options?

The strategies in the book are "long" strategies, meaning they're for uptrends and many uptrends will end once the market starts its downtrend overall. So generally speaking, it will be good to let the market correct and start its new uptrend (which will take time). Now, there are always defensive plays that will trend higher when stocks go down. So they'll be in uptrends and the same strategies would apply to them. They'll be stocks/ETFs such as the ones I'm issuing recommendations on in the Logical Investor newsletter.

Thank you for the information

I am enjoying the new format


Thanks. I'm glad to hear that.