Hi Sean
I am a Canadian investor and a former subscriber of AP and UWR and presently a LI subscriber
I greatly appreciate your newsletter and the education that you impart
now with regards to the gold stock in LI portfolio , the first stock - do you have a Canadian equivalent to this ETF so that I can invest in non-registered ( margin a/c ) and avoid the tax hit ( I am not referring to capital gains tax hit ) by US on my investment . I have found 2 ETF ie iShares Gold Bullion ETF (CGL) and Horizons Gold Yield ETF (HGY) Please let me know what do you think of these 2 ETFs
God Bless you Sean

Thanks Sean for all the info .you are the best!

Hey Sean,what do you think of VOYA Global Equity Dividend and Premium ticker symbol IGD-N . it has a high dividend . is it worth investing in this.let me know your thoughts on this

by the way I have made 20% gain on ABX and CNOOC


I am still at a loss on BNO , vale and RIG ..still waiting ..made a gain of 20 % on petrobas ..low gain is due to not averaging . I must say I like this format because it is very interactive and I learn on a daily basis

I’m glad you like the new format. Me too.

yeah I thought so thank you

You’re welcome.