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Hello, My 401K has done well like many, but the 401K options doesn't have a "cash" holding fund, except for some options of lower yield % mutual bond funds (as well as many others to choose from). I don't have any 401K investment riding off the S&P/Dow, but my Latin America / Asia positions have done well off our UWR commodity history. I've shed my Asia Fund, and re-balanced my gains into a small handful of available low yield Bond Mutual Funds, a couple tied into Emerging Market Bonds and a few in those even keel low yield bond funds. Those do drive me an extra grand to 1500 every month on pure dividends while I think this through patiently. Is there a philosophy you could shed on bond mutual fund areas to best contain loss in the next big downturn? Or keep doing what I'm doing with these lower risk mix of these Bond Funds driving me monthly dividends.. after very healthy gain gains in Asia/LA. Thanks for any insight!

Bonds are grossly overvalued too. They're likely as dangerous as the stock market averages are right now. Money poured into bonds to seek higher yields in a low-yield world. So it caused them to be overvalued. Ask your 401k administrator if you took all of your 401k percentages to zero (to where you're not invested in any of the selections), where does the money go? Typically it sweeps into a money market fund or lays in cash, even if its not a listed position. But only they can confirm that. Be sure to check with them to see. If you don't have any of those choices if you have any international or emerging market mutual funds, those could be an option...but even those need a huge pullback right now before they're worth new money. So cash is the best position overall. So see what your 401k administrator says.

It's good to have you here with me. Check out the videos in the Ask Sean section and also the video I did on the former UWR positions in the Premium tab. Welcome aboard!

Thanks..I'll check on that again with the Admin. I've been lazy in getting signed up from the other place, but I did! Glad to be back and gain your insights and news. Enjoy this format/updates and whatever you else are thinking about here - Im sure you have lots of stuff going on.... and also seeing other's questions that we typically all share for digestion... :-)


Thanks. It's great to have you here with us. Yes, I love the newer/better format too.

The admin says that if I zero balance a position, it must be replaced with another, so no money market options. Thinking perhaps I can utilize your wave strategies in finding the most hated bond or mutual fund options tied into commodities / metals since everything else seems to be tied to s&p, Dow, Russell indicies.

Unfortunately, you may have to do something like that. Yeah, it's a shame they don't have a cash-type of position.