One True Islam? | The Moderate Imam & Westernization

I'm not being blue pilled, just asking for a little nuance in the conversation surrounding Islam.

After interviewing Imam Tawhidi, a moderate Muslim who frequently condemns extremism and violence, I was concerned about all the comments I saw that literally condemned all Muslims as liars, pigs, violent, or worse. I'm not exaggerating, if you check the comments section for yourself, you'll see plenty of people arguing that it is #YesAllMuslims that are the problem.

Now, a lot of people, after watching the first half of this video, have called me an Islamic apologist. Make no mistake, I'm not arguing that Islam isn't violent or that it doesn't play a part in terror attacks like Nice, Manchester, and London. It absolutely does, however, I still believe that it can be reformed, and that peaceful Muslims do exist out there who draw beneficial principles, like charity, tolerance, and love from their religion. I think those Muslims, ones who embrace western values, are people whose voices we should try to amplify, and that we should see them as allies against extremism.

"peaceful Muslims do exist out there who draw beneficial principles, like charity, tolerance, and love from their religion" of course they do. Most people who practice religion do it to better themselves and draw these principles, not to do harm to others


Is some sort of reformation of Islam necessary? With so much depth to the religion, it's easy for ignorant or misinformed people to overlook the different sects

Yes there needs to be a reformation. Because part of a reformation is the old ways die out and grow stale. The new ideas/ideals take over and become the central doctrine starting point where all new sects travel from to their new forms.

@JimKillam not sure if reformation is the right term. the biggest issue is Wahabbism spreading to other Muslim countries, which is definitely happening now

Well usually a reformation usually allows a true discussion on an opening of new morals in a society. Most reformations bring in new science/logical arguments and end or change a religion forever.



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