Are Men & Women Different? | Gender Disparities & STEM

In light of the whole James Damore/Google Manifesto scandal, this video takes a look at reasons why men and women might be represented differently in the workplace that DON'T have to do with sexism...

A few people have asked for a return to the Powtoons I used to make when my channel was first starting out, so here it is!

I'm a woman in STEM. The women who tell me "we need more women in STEM" are the same women who say "wow, you have a STEM degree? I could NEVER do that" and also tell me, "wow, you gave up your job to homeschool your 4 kids? I could NEVER do that, I can barely handle my one child and I send him to daycare."


Yay POW Toons! Plus why dosen't anyone try to get men into the female dominated feilds? Theres no campaign for men in childcare.


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