Yes, I'm Christian

My official "coming out."

Hey everyone,

I have a feeling this might prove to be a pretty controversial post, but hey, that’s kind of been my thing lately.

Since starting this site and opening myself to questions from viewers, one thing has struck me as especially surprising. Although I’ve never mentioned my own faith or faith in general on my channel, outside of the actions of Islamic extremists, I’ve received numerous questions surrounding my views on religion and my own religious beliefs.

To address these questions, I plan on starting a series (either here on my site or on my YouTube channel, depending on interest) where I examine what actually defines a religion, how they’re different from other ideologies, and how they impact our societies. I think it would also be interesting to contrast the ways that different religions (e.g. Christianity and Islam) are treated in the West, and what the effects of secularization have been.

I don’t intend for this series to be a proselytizing effort, nor do I intend to engage in Christian apologetics to justify biblical theology. In fact, I don’t intend for this series to touch much upon theology at all, and I'll instead focus on the societal effects of religion, which I think are more in keeping with the scope of my channel.

However, since my own personal beliefs and experiences with faith have doubtlessly affected the way I view organized religion, I felt it best to clarify my own stance on spirituality for transparency’s sake before diving deeper into the issue. So, although I’ve briefly mentioned this in streams and comments, consider this my formal “coming out.”

Yes, I am Christian.

I’ve been asked by many to make videos discussing things like my reasons for being a Christian, my conversion process, etc., but again, since I feel that’s not something that really relates to my content, this will be the only place I address this subject. The last thing I want to do is push my religion onto my subscribers. That’s simply just not why I started a YouTube channel. I feel like I have a lot more freedom and flexibility on this platform, however, so for anyone who’s curious about it, here are my responses to some of the most popular questions I get as a Christian.

I’m Baptist, but have been looking into non-denominational Christianity a lot lately.

No, I don’t think I’m perfect or that I’m better than anyone.

No, I wasn’t raised Christian. My father is Catholic, but really didn’t practice, and aside from some Bible camps and casual religion classes, I don’t consider my upbringing a Christian one.

Yes, my faith does play a big part in my life.

Yes, I think organized faith can have positive effects on society.

No, I don’t hate atheists.

No, I don’t hate gay people.

Yes, I believe in evolution.

No, my religious beliefs are not the reason for my political beliefs.

Another question I often get is “Are you religious?” and honestly, that’s one I never know how to answer. Does being religious mean believing in God? Does being religious mean going to Church? Does being religious mean conducting yourself in a certain way? It seems like the answer to these questions changes depending on who you ask. I consider my Christianity more of a lifestyle choice and personal relationship than a religion, but that’s a hard concept to explain to people who don’t have firsthand experience dealing with faith on a spiritual/philosophical level.

Anyway, I think that’s all I have to say about this for now. If you’d like to know more about my own faith, please feel free to drop your questions in the “Ask” section here on this site. I’m not trying to be secretive or evasive with my personal beliefs, I just want to make sure I don’t lose sight of why I create videos and what I want the message of my channel to be. Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions of what kind of things you’d like to see addressed in this series, then please leave them in a comment down below.

Be excellent to each other,


So I know that this comment is really late, and that you probably won't see this, but this is really encouraging for not just me, but people my age. The common narrative that we see in Movies, TV shows, and even the news is either, "Christianity is for the stupid," or "Christianity is for the elderly." Heck sometimes we get portrayed as both. As a young person who also is a Christian, finding examples of other young, intelligent, successful people can feel like a challenge, so seeing somebody like yourself proclaim their faith is always an encouragement. Thank you Roaming!

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This is refreshing Roam! I'm also in the same faith boat as you. Baptist roots but been hanging with the non-denominational crowd.

As far as whether or not you should post your story of your faith journey. I think you should. It's probably going to clarify how you filter your worldview and how you process culture, media, art, relationships, people, faith, life, and the expression of that thought process into the len of the Judeo-Christan worldview. You'll lose a lot of people but you'll also gain respect from both critics and from supporters, whether or not they're of faith but a faith journey video can actually be quite refreshing to listen to. I encourage you to do one!!!!

And like me, I'm not religious... just faithful to my faith... and thus faithful to the tenants therein.


I love the honesty, even though I disagree with you on most things, I respect your opinions and your morals

I hadn't really thought about it, but just from how you carry yourself, the values you demonstrate and speak up for, and the happy and kind nature you show, I was not at all surprised when you said "I'm Christian" in the title of this article. The only surprising thing was the expression of it as "coming out;" I find that I had simply assumed you'd said you were before, and realized only as I read this that it must be because your faith shows in your actions. Which is always commendable. If you're looking into other denominations of Christianity, I would be delighted to discuss my own faith with you. I'm LDS, and I have a...fairly intellectual faith. That is, I believe in it because it is intellectually and logically self-consistent, and it successfully answers all of what I typically hear termed "big questions about life and its purpose." It'd be awesome to have the privilege of discussing this with you further, if you're interested. I'm not the most knowledgeable scriptorian or religious scholar, but I do enjoy how things fit together and discovering new pieces of God's Plan as they fit into the grand whole. So...let me know! And good luck regardless. Thanks for your videos; they're entertaining and informative!

Hey Roaming, I'm a teenage Christian and I hate saying that, like I love Jesus but I think religion and legalism in religion is dumb. Anyway, I have seen a rise in young Christians that were behind Bernie and the rise of atheists in the conservative/skeptic realm. I think this is really interesting, why do you think this happens?

Good to hear that you're a Christian. I would like to challenge you though; make sure you are actually a Christian. What do I mean by that? Well, I was certain that I was a Christian. So certain that I thought that I would have died rather than deny Christ. I then came across material that challenged my faith, which then caused me to study Christianity, which made me realize that I was never actually converted. I had only "asked Jesus into my heart" as a child but in terms of John chapter 3 where Jesus tells Nicodemus "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God", well, this had never happened to me and I never understood it.

You are the only Christian i can listen to.
My entire bloodline is Orthodox Christian, most of my friends are also Christian, but the ones i mostly hang out with are agnostics or atheists, because most Christians cannot accept that they are wrong about anything, and my mother thinks that science is incorrect and she doesn't believe in evolution.

Good to hear that you are a follower of Christ. This probably explains your mild mannered approach to your channel. I love your work. Cheers.


As a born again Christian, it is always wonderful to learn of other believers. Lifts my spirits every time. Roaming, you're my sister in Christ and I'm glad. God Bless.

wow, after this, what's not to love?

I am a Mennonite primarily raised in the Baptist church, I've recently joined the Presbyterian church for convenience (it's my closest church) but for a very long time I have been considering converting to Eastern Orthodoxy. So I get that "wandering anabaptist" experience.

I absolutely love what you are doing...heard you on Crowder. Be blessed!

Raised Catholic, I attending Baptist and Anabaptist Church before ending in the Lutheran Church (LCMS or LCC in Canada). Disappointed by the gradual infiltration of the Social Gospel, I struggled to find a place. There seems to have been a gradual radicalization of christians (see David Platt, Francis Chan...). The Lutheran Church simply seemed to have the best theology (listen to Brian Wolfmueller on youtube, explore the Law and Gospel, and Luther on Vocation by Wingren.) I hope that the Holy Spirit will guide your choice.

Had a sneaking suspicion that you were Christian. I am as well. Curious though as to how can a Christian not believe that God created the earth. He does say in His book that He is the Creator. I don't know all the ins and outs of religion, but Christianity seems to be all about Christ; and if He's a liar...

I am delighted that you are a Christian but I’d be interested to know - if you felt that you had to leave behind conservatism/libertarianism to be true to your faith - would you?

I am too and I find that society is not terribly accepting of it. My ancestors came to this country for religious freedom, but it seems many want freedom from religion.

What do you mean by evolution?

Damn, I thought you were smarter than that... :/