Sorry SJWs, You Don't Get to Choose My Race

What do you do when POC go against the oppression narrative? Call them white of course.

If you’re a light-skinned or white-passing “person of color” and you’ve ever spoken out against social justice, you’ve most likely heard these words before.

“What do you know? You’re white.”

“No I’m not,” you might have said, perhaps equally confused about how they could have categorized you so wrongly and why your race even matters in the first place. Personally, “I’m biracial,” or “I’m Asian,” are my follow-ups of choice.

“You don’t count,” they almost always dismiss. “You’re not a real person of color,” might come next if they're feeling charitable. If they’re not, phrases like “race traitor,” “self-loathing,” and slurs such as Uncle Tom and coon will most likely make appearances.

Although there’s certainly no love lost between SJWs and the oft-memed “straight, white, cis males” who criticize them, there’s no question that social justice warriors reserve a special type of vitriol for those in the allegedly oppressed class who go against the party line.

As someone who's biracial, if I were to bemoan my lack of belonging to any one culture and the struggles of being racially ambiguous, I would be celebrated as symbol of strength and bravery by the social justice community. Sites like Salon and Jezebel would write articles commending me for breaking the mold of mono-racial individuals in the public eye (that’s probably what they call them, right?).

As someone who's Asian, if I were to criticize the way society fetishizes me and argue how harmful stereotypes, even positive ones, can be, by now I might have the backing of giants like MTV News or heck, even the Huffington Post. They’d market me as a dangerous force against the prevailing white narrative in independent media. Or something.

However, since I am, in reality, someone who actively speaks out against victimhood and identity politics, and praises our society for the opportunities it offers all people, regardless of race, there’s no fanfare waiting for me from these people who proclaim to be champions for us non-white individuals.

Not only are there no congratulations from the regressive left, when it comes to critiques of my work there are usually harsh words, and perhaps most frustratingly, denials of my status as a person of color.

You see, social justice aims to paint race not as something biological, but rather something social, something that isn’t inherent in our genes, but rather a construct perpetuated by our racist, imperialist culture. We see the extreme forms of this manifested in African-American wannabes like Rachel Dolezal and (although he denies it) Shaun King who are in actuality whiter than a layer of freshly fallen snow. If race isn't biological, then there's no reason why someone who feels black and identifies with black culture should be unable to really be black with the help of a perm and some self-tanner.

Obviously (to most of us), this concept of race makes as much sense as anti-capitalists organizing rallies on their smartphones. However, one of the more interesting side-effects of viewing race as a social construct is that, if race is indeed cultural and not biological, then denouncing someone as not being of a certain race when they go against the prevailing political opinions of said race makes perfect sense.

The fact that my DNA is of the Han Chinese people doesn’t matter to these constructivists. For them, race is all about experience, and nothing about biology. My race isn't determined by my heritage, it's determined by the fact that I can sort of look white, I might have been “treated” as if I were white, and my political views line up with those of the whites. If I'm unable to identify with the lived experiences of most people of color, then to heck with what science says, I must clearly a white girl. Right?

Wrong. I have news for these SJWs: races aren’t clubs. Races aren’t political parties. Races aren’t ideologies, and races don’t have rites of passage. You don’t get to determine or dismiss someone’s race simply because they don’t fit your narrative as someone who’s oppressed, down-trodden and victimized (or rather, someone who at least thinks they are).

SJWs are obsessed with moral relativism, but this relativism just doesn't translate to something like race. Attempting to paint race not just as our phenotypes, but as our cultural experiences, characters, and political opinions will only ever lead to more racism and more division. So I’m sorry if non-white people like me ruin the narrative of a society that mistreats anyone who isn't European, but that doesn't mean you get to define my ethnicity.

One interesting take on this is that the left is the same way with disabilities. I have a physical challenge (it's not a disability, I can still do things just not stand for eight hours). The left is the same way with disabilities. I have been called a sociopath and been accused of hating people with disabilities for defending someone who was disabled and had a Trump sticker. Many African American conservative commentators are called racist names for not agreeing with Obama. Can you think of anything more disgusting? I've had a liberal professor say that The Bill Cosby Show was about a white family with black actors. It is not fair to say that Black Culture is about being poor. Black Culture is not about lack of money, but being a family. That is the best part of Black Culture and the media loves to ignore this part. The Media are the ones killing Black Culture. Doing drugs is not Black Culture, getting screamed at by your parents for doing drugs is Black Culture.


@RoamingMillennial - one of our editors, a young, like you Asian-American woman would like to talk with you : https://www.themaven.net/beingliberal/room/0KBJsSM-pUuECZFEy3dDxA


way to go @BeingLiberal and @RoamingMillennial! Let's get the dialog going!


@BeingLiberal Sure! She can send a DM my way :)


@RoamingMillennial - I believe that @TheMaven's point is to have an open dialog.


@BeingLiberal Did she not want to set up a time for a livestream or something?

What's interesting is, I watched your video with the white nationals and many of their supporters did the exact same thing, they claimed you were not white or not white enough and only saw you as a POC, at least judging from the comment section. Meanwhile, SJWs see you as only white or too white.

I saw Catzie (half of this poetry duo and pictured below) this weekend. I wish I had a recording of the one she did that night.

@RoamingMillennial I always knew you were Asian, I'm the same mix. Who's the white one in your family, your mother or father?

Hi RM, I never knew you were Asian. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm the same mix as you but I think I look more asian. People some times make comments that suggest I should be a victim due to being asian or a woman and when I reject this they don't know what to do next. I think asians in general are counted as "POC" when it is convenient for SJWs (when it supports their victim narrative) but not when it doesn't such as when asians on average perform better than whites in academics and salary.

@NomadfromCrysis In her recent video "Being Mixed: My Eurasian Experience" (which I personally thought was very insightful), she says that her father was Chinese and her mother was Caucasian.

How many different races are there then? Human population can be broken down to races: black white, asian,.... Races can be broken down to ethnicity: Asian - Chinese, Korean, Thai, Filipino,.......Ethnicity can be broken down to tribes and families: One lives in northern Beijing with the last name Chang....and local families break down to the individual. The individual is the most diverse element because it is indivisible and always unique.
Grouping individuals to set attributes and identities actually lowers diversity because their unique individuality gets gets drowned in the category they are grouped in.

AAAAAhhhhhhhhh i hate reading, but i want to read this. But i also want to read the C++ documentation. Also my attention span isn't 8 seconds, it's like 2 hours but reading with black text on white background hurts my head.

Roaming Millennial said:

"SJWs are obsessed with moral relativism."

In addition to our relativistic era, we are deep into the Postmodern movement. So, everything has become much more personal for no apparent reason. People are drowning in senselessness and can't deal with it, so they are creating categories with false borders and no foundation.

They're desperately trying to define and purpose a life which they have no tools to understand. Trying to find a point to a life in which academia and media asserts is pointless.


"i've grown accustomed to her face" Chris Botti, Dean Martin...

POC is a description of a modern caste system. To hell with that. (Father to two 'Eurasian' children.)

American who is biologically German and PROUD OF IT! And I guess white supremacy must be an AMAZING thing to have, the way people of color trip over each other to be a part of white supremacy nations! Is it not the least bit odd to people, that we have never seen a mass exodus of people fleeing from white majority nations, but rather only too them? You would think, with all the vile things so many non whites spew about whites, that they would give white majority nations a wide berth LOL! It does not matter, because civic nationalism WILL fail. Its failed every time its been attempted in history, In fact. And thankfully white people are FINALLY waking up to the fact we have been duped, and have had our peoples natural altruism and compassion used against us.

RM, I'm curious. Any thoughts on why those of mixed race often get labeled as the non-white part of their heritage? BTW, I am of pure European descent but have blood relatives with Hispanic, Black, and Asian DNA in their genetic mix due to marriage and consider them 100% relatives.

Okay might be the dumbest mixed ancestry dude in the room. But we are all Humans, and [part of the human race. So why does no one teach that?