Roaming Millennial at Lafayette College (Uncut)

Talking about supporting Trump proves to be controversial among college students. Let the triggering commence...

Here's the uncut footage of the full Mill Series Q&A I did regarding supporting President Trump in the General Election last year. As you can see though, that didn't really stay the topic of conversation for long.
I will be release a cut down version of the event (that's about 1 hour 30 minutes) to my channel tomorrow and a reaction/response video to this whole ordeal on Monday.
Thank you again to the Mill Series organizers (Professor von Dyke & Abdul) for inviting me to speak!

Why is it that they cheer whenever someone states a negative statistic about white men? Even if they were true, why would they celebrate? Its not a competition. :\ Stil, even though it was disasterous, I think it was still pretty successful. Rarely do SJWs listen to right wing people let alone try to debate. So I think its great that they were willing to listen to criticism and attempt to give a rebuttal. We actually had something that (slightly) resembled a conversation! So at least theres that!

Roaming you have nerves of steel!!!

@Jonuca Thug Life's growing on her for sure. Roaming can throw some good zingers!

The introduction given by von Dyke and Abdul betrays their own bigotry and hatred. The are astonished by the number of people who voted for Trump. They claim Trump has gaping holes in his conduct and policies but no mention of the unsurpassed corruption and ineptitude of his opponent, Hillary. They talk about undesirable and disturbing trends emerge, but do not mention their own own undesirable trend of indoctrinating, not educating, their students while preaching violence (Antifa) and intolerance against conservatives. They praise Canada for being such a great country, yet fail to realize the Thought Police I first encountered when I read 1984 are actual people in positions of power in that despotic regime. You have tremendous courage to face such a crowd.


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