Roaming Millennial at Lafayette College (Uncut)

Talking about supporting Trump proves to be controversial among college students. Let the triggering commence...

Here's the uncut footage of the full Mill Series Q&A I did regarding supporting President Trump in the General Election last year. As you can see though, that didn't really stay the topic of conversation for long.
I will be release a cut down version of the event (that's about 1 hour 30 minutes) to my channel tomorrow and a reaction/response video to this whole ordeal on Monday.
Thank you again to the Mill Series organizers (Professor von Dyke & Abdul) for inviting me to speak!

Well, it seems like my weekend is set! XD

Roaming Millennial the triggerer in chief :-)

100% - Germany's energy policy failed for using wind panels ;-)
Surprising stamina, Roaming, good job!


Why is it that they cheer whenever someone states a negative statistic about white men? Even if they were true, why would they celebrate? Its not a competition. :\ Stil, even though it was disasterous, I think it was still pretty successful. Rarely do SJWs listen to right wing people let alone try to debate. So I think its great that they were willing to listen to criticism and attempt to give a rebuttal. We actually had something that (slightly) resembled a conversation! So at least theres that!

Roaming you have nerves of steel!!!

@Jonuca Thug Life's growing on her for sure. Roaming can throw some good zingers!