Patron Q+A | January 2018

I answer some questions from my awesome patrons :)

Also - if it is a civil right, why not force churches, mosques and synagogues to perform homosexual marriages? I think there were some couples that sued churches to force them to perform their marriages. If the issue is discrimination, why not force religion institutes to not discriminate?

But more important - why Maven? Why oh why keep using this mess of a site? If they are indeed "a state of the art platform", maybe they belong in a museum?

Yeah, this site does seem pretty crap at this point.

TV Shows you might like: "The 100" (first episode is to millennial for me but whatever.. gets good after that) "Timeless" is interesting (if you like history and "WHAT IF" changes to it) I keep meaning to check out the first season of "The Exorcist" simply because of it's religious tones and good reviews.

Great video. Just wanted to mention to whoever said Starship Troopers was left wing, Robert Heinlein who wrote the original book was a right libertarian and the political structure in the book was military meritocracy


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