Milo Yiannopoulos Outake (Site Exclusive!)

Are Traps Gay? Who's the Worst Hollywood Liberal? Making Up With Ben Shapiro?

A huge thank you again to Milo for taking the time to chat with me!

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Great interview overall, i hope this isnt the only site exclusive video.


Keep up the good work Roaming, I always enjoy your content.

impressive work.

Are Traps Gay?

Yes. Yes they are.

@Jonuca Now that the native video player is up and running I do plan on doing more! Definitely little outtakes every interview, plus short commentary videos during the week as well :)


I am "triggered". I know it was a bit tongue in cheek but seriously don't blame socialists for policies made by conservatives like Angela Merkel. Socialists don't have a lot of influence on european governments.

impressive work


Angela Merkel grew up in the former East Germany, a satellite state to the Soviet union, so yeah, no connection to socialism/communism there at all... And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that within a few years of the Soviet Union collapsing the EEC rebranded itself as the European Union, before going on to swallow up various former Eastern Bloc countries...

Cool beans.


I am not quite sure what you want to say with that. Her place of birth doesn't determine her party affiliation, but her party affiliation does. The Christian Democratic Union is still our centre conservative party (probably a bit left to the Republican Party as Europe in general is a bit left to the USA, but still not socialist at all).
Do you think the EU is some kind of socialist conspiracy? To me it's actual policies seem pretty pro capitalism so far and it is at least sometimes actively hindering leftwing policies (e.g. in Greece).


@Tarsius So you're German then? So how would you interpret Merkel's authoritarianism, such as the way she conspired with the media to first try to cover up the 1000 sexual assaults in Cologne on NYE 18 months ago, then trying to make out it was white German men, before finally being forced to admit it was migrants/refugee's? Not to mention the fact that she's going after freedom of speech in Germany, targeting people on Facebook, and forcing Youtuber's to apply for a radio license if memory serves?

Plus from what I hear the migrants/refugee's are being given jobs that pay just 1 Euro per hour with their wages being topped up by the tax payers who are being massively under cut? These are classic socialist/communist tactics to force people to become reliant on the state. Many of these migrants/refugee's will be used to authoritarian regimes.

Also I've seen some German politician talking about German's becoming minorities in their own cities, and this being a very good thing - to rapturous applause. It certainly seems like Germany is heading in a bad direction.


I mean, as far as the sexual assault cover up goes, it's not like Germans are intolerant people, it seems like the cover up was for her own benefit rather than to protect the "refugee's", or anything of that nature...

@RoamingMillennial You should use this site to post any video's that might get you into trouble on Youtube, then use these video's to encourage more people to visit this site via Twitter and Youtube. I think it'd make sense to move an increasing amount of content to this site so you're less beholden to Youtube and their regressive policies. Use Youtube to promote your brand, and your own site, first and foremost.

@RamsayBolton You are right in so far as she did a lot of what you say, and it was really shitty behaviour, but that doesn't make her socialist. The taxpayer funded loandumping is crony capitalism by the book (to be frank I think this will always be what every capitalist system devolves into) not classic socialist tactics. In essence being socialist means advocating for collective ownership over the means of production (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialism), if she was socialist she should encourage more autonomy for workers not less. Although admittedly most socialist governments were shitty, shitty government doesn't necessarily equate to socialism.

Edit: Also concerning the freedom of speech restrictions, (btw this is also not necessarily socialist, every kind of government can make restrictions to human rights) that's just a German thing and not so much her decision. It was put in place after WWII because people thought it could prevent nazis from taking over again if we don't let them speak. The laws don't make that much sense for me, but Germans are generally less optimistic than Americans about freedom of speech.
That youtube thing is just typical cronyism again although it isn't yet in place and I sure hope it won't come.


To be fair I'm much more concerned about the apparent rise of authoritarianism in Germany than in nailing down what form of authoritarianism we're talking about, though when you look at how they covered up Cologne, and how they're clamping down on free speech, it makes you wonder what else they're covering up and what they have to hide.

When you look at the education system in Germany, the fact they're not teaching people about WW1, only WW2, is concerning since WW2 came about as a direct result of WW1, and as George Santanaya once said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

What are your thoughts on what's going on in Germany?


I'd argue that freedom of speech and freedom of the press, so they'll hold the government to account, are exactly what's needed to prevent a repeat of what happened with the Nazi's, and that's exactly what Merkel and co. appear to be suppressing or subverting.

Hmm, I did have WW1 in school and I am pretty certain that it is still on the curriculum in most schools but yes WW2 was a lot more important.
I also don't like the authoritarian tendencies of our government although the US with all the surveilance (to be fair we are catching up with that, but at least our intelligence agencies seem a bit less competent XD) and the huge army are also kind of scary.
I think part of the problem is just our CDU being CDU. In Germany conservatives seem more concerned with security than freedom (in relation to US where it looks from the outside as if market freedom is the most important thing for republicans) and security seems to entail for them restricting people. That does sound kind of strange in light of their handling of the migrant crisis but this does give them an excuse so I am not too surprised. Also, as I said, restrictions on freedom of speech are an old thing in Germany, they are just trying to adapt these to the internet.

That said I feel like it may be getting out of hand and to be honest I am a bit worried because we seem to be having an authoritarian backlash in many different places (look at Turkey too for example) and if countries do turn truly dictatorial, it will be really hard to revert back from the inside because government surveillance and military technology are so advanced.

I think you are right that freedom of speech is very important. I think the German way stems from a very negative perspective on human nature, it goes along the lines of: hateful ideas will inadvertedly spread if they are postulated at the right time (usually when a country is in a crisis) and not controlled, so we better try to control them. That seems to be partly true (from history we know that authoritarian ideas do tend to spread in times of crisis, but as of now these cover-ups and restrictions are just pushing people more into extremism. I think improving the situations for the people and having a healthy discussion culture would be a way more effective way to prevent dictators.