Ben Shapiro Outtakes | Site Exclusive!

I ask Ben about Game of Thrones, Bach, and whether he has any plans to run for office!

A huge thank you to Ben and the team at the Daily Wire for making this happen :) Enjoy!

I want to know when Ben will debate Sam Harris about religion.

Roaming, I think you misheard Ben. He did give the right answer. He said "Bach." ;) You know, the guy who did Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

Forgive the double-post, but I don't know how to edit in. Pineapple is a sometimes thing on pizza, best with either mushrooms or canadian bacon/ham. But I can certainly do without a lot of the time; it makes for a very sweet pizza. And I couldn't agree with Ben more on why to run for an office. Make sure you're running for a position that will let you make a difference in something you care about. Otherwise, you're not going to be any better than the rest of the appropriately-named "swamp creatures." You won't have a moral leg to stand on, so they'll drag you down into the muck.

fun quickfire questions :) wish i could say i listened to classical music, but unfortunately i don't really. like, i enjoy some neo-classical epic fantasy symphonic power metal, but that's about it. i also like it when people add orchestral elements to dubstep and drum and bass music. as for the "3 most reasonable leftists" um, well i mean, i know liberals who are basically leftists in most ways who i find in their own way are reasonable within the context of their beliefs in relation to the world; which are ContraPoints, Shaun Jen, and Laci Green. i hate pineapple pizza.

I liked how she had to try so hard to suppress her inner fan girl



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