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Ben Shapiro Outtakes | Site Exclusive!

I ask Ben about Game of Thrones, Bach, and whether he has any plans to run for office!

A huge thank you to Ben and the team at the Daily Wire for making this happen :) Enjoy!

Question: Most reasonable leftist?
Correct answer: Zero. If they were reasonable, they would not be leftists.

In that quick 15 minute interview whole Roaming and Ben managed to solve the healthcare crisis, fix Trump and destroy atheism. I’m impressed.


I am literally sitting here eating canadian bacon and pineapple pizza !

Beethoven is better IMO... looks left and right ...and pineapple has a time and place to be on pizza (outside of the trash can).

I want to know when Ben will debate Sam Harris about religion.

Roaming, I think you misheard Ben. He did give the right answer. He said "Bach." ;) You know, the guy who did Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

Forgive the double-post, but I don't know how to edit in. Pineapple is a sometimes thing on pizza, best with either mushrooms or canadian bacon/ham. But I can certainly do without a lot of the time; it makes for a very sweet pizza. And I couldn't agree with Ben more on why to run for an office. Make sure you're running for a position that will let you make a difference in something you care about. Otherwise, you're not going to be any better than the rest of the appropriately-named "swamp creatures." You won't have a moral leg to stand on, so they'll drag you down into the muck.

fun quickfire questions :) wish i could say i listened to classical music, but unfortunately i don't really. like, i enjoy some neo-classical epic fantasy symphonic power metal, but that's about it. i also like it when people add orchestral elements to dubstep and drum and bass music. as for the "3 most reasonable leftists" um, well i mean, i know liberals who are basically leftists in most ways who i find in their own way are reasonable within the context of their beliefs in relation to the world; which are ContraPoints, Shaun Jen, and Laci Green. i hate pineapple pizza.

I liked how she had to try so hard to suppress her inner fan girl