Affirmative Action: ACTUAL Institutionalized Racial Discrimination! (Site Exclusive)

Let's talk about affirmative action and who REALLY gets hurt when racially discriminatory admissions policies are implemented.

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This is why some of us call it "affirmative racism". College is not the only place its "practiced". Its HUGE in the US Armed Forces. I've experienced it in the workplace many many times. People "being judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin" seems to only have been a dream.

Excellent data. The audio isn't so bad if played on ok speakers through minimal EQ.But... Small suggestion: you should slow down the pace of your speech.

Even with Affirmative Action, blacks and hispanics are still the most underrepresented populations at universities around the country.

Out of curiosity, Roaming Millennial, what would you go back to school for your graduate degree in? As to the thrust of the video: as long as we treat race as if it is significant in determining success, it will be made significant in determining success. The only way to overcome racial biases is to stop focusing on race. If you're really worried that a given program is STILL discriminating, depersonalize the applications and use double-blind judgment to pick and choose. If you're doing the common apologist maneuver of saying it's systemic, and so the poor disadvantaged minorities who were syetemically undereducated and put down throughout childhood need the leg up to get into college, then address the systemic problems. It's too late to "fix" it by a cosmetic acceptance into a program for which their supposedly racially disadvantaged upbringing didn't prepare them. If you want to do something for those you feel are disadvantaged as they're about to enter college, make the education they're missing available to them. Don't force them into situations for which they're not prepared. And make those opportunities available to everybody, regardless of race, who needs the help catching up to be ready for college. You'll achieve more racial equality by removing race from the criteria for consideration than you will by any measure of well-intentioned racism to favor those you consider victims of prior racism.



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