Affirmative Action: ACTUAL Institutionalized Racial Discrimination! (Site Exclusive)

Let's talk about affirmative action and who REALLY gets hurt when racially discriminatory admissions policies are implemented.

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@RoamingMillennial you say you sympathise with the people who say affirmative action helps disadvantaged people do better in their lives but you didn't bring up the point that it could theoretically give an advantage to a rich black person over a poor Asian person? So wouldn't a better solution be to have affirmative action based on wealth rather than race/ethnicity?

Also, why do you think politicians create measures such as affirmative action? Is it to manipulate the figures as such to make it seem as though every perceived ethnic group is doing well so they can secure their votes?

You mentioned you recently finished college. What was your degree in? Was it related to politics or economics at all?

We also need a more relaxed or leveled College/University system. So a college can come up from a C level college (starting point with quick government oversight but lower quality) to an A level college with the same state qualifications we have today. This makes starting a University/College cheaper because the curriculum does not need to pass the rigorous tests and qualifications in the beginning of its inception. Then it could have a period of time to climb the ladder into the A level of college curriculum. Or we could have a state central curriculum renting system. Where college professors rent out their pre-qualified curriculum to multiple teachers across the state(s).

Affirmative action is racism in drag

As always, absence of free market showing - fund more accreditation-providing facilities and the problem will solve itself. Create more grants for start-ups, and the people coming out of those facilities will have something to do to earn their living.

The early helping hand for blacks and Latinos, and poor whites for that matter is school choice. There is hard evidence for the benefit, rejecting it to pander to unions eventually leads to the problems we see with affirmative action for college admission.

I wonder if those who endorse & adore Affirmative Action would get Operated on at Affirmative Action Hospital or Fly Affirmative Action Airline ?

I always wanted to be a Boston Fireman since I could remember ,after 7 years and 3 exams in that period I got a perfect score of 100% each time, I also got 100% on the Boston Police Civil Service exam and this Police Cadet Program I got the highest score outright. I had an awful upbringing when people were truly poor in two of Bostons worst ghetto's and had to leave school in fourth grade because of forced Busing . I had no white privilege. When I got on Boston Fire only 23 out of over 10,000 had perfect scores, they could only take half so put our names in a Hat and I lucked out . Yet non Citizens with a score that would be a total failure if you were a Caucasian Man were hired before us. Those who Fathers were Killed on the Job got preference but Affirmative Action went before even those Men.


Politicians are too afraid of making the necessary adjustments to AA so that it can be more compatible with a multiracial society. This will cause so much problems in the future if they aren't revised soon.

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At first I thought you said that you were for, "Hispanic teachers' unions" and that really confused me, because it did not seem to go along with the rest of your philosophy, and I had never heard of such a thing. But then I went back and heard that you said, "disbanding teachers' unions." Oh. That fits better.

@heynow Yeah, I thought she said that too...

Ok so I don't agree completely, my bad I didn't understand the "disbanding teachers unions" part. I think disbanding unions is usually a really bad idea and just robs people of their voice.


I wonder if Canadian universities also use affirmative actions during the selection process and if they discriminate against certain groups?

This is why some of us call it "affirmative racism". College is not the only place its "practiced". Its HUGE in the US Armed Forces. I've experienced it in the workplace many many times. People "being judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin" seems to only have been a dream.

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Even with Affirmative Action, blacks and hispanics are still the most underrepresented populations at universities around the country.

Out of curiosity, Roaming Millennial, what would you go back to school for your graduate degree in? As to the thrust of the video: as long as we treat race as if it is significant in determining success, it will be made significant in determining success. The only way to overcome racial biases is to stop focusing on race. If you're really worried that a given program is STILL discriminating, depersonalize the applications and use double-blind judgment to pick and choose. If you're doing the common apologist maneuver of saying it's systemic, and so the poor disadvantaged minorities who were syetemically undereducated and put down throughout childhood need the leg up to get into college, then address the systemic problems. It's too late to "fix" it by a cosmetic acceptance into a program for which their supposedly racially disadvantaged upbringing didn't prepare them. If you want to do something for those you feel are disadvantaged as they're about to enter college, make the education they're missing available to them. Don't force them into situations for which they're not prepared. And make those opportunities available to everybody, regardless of race, who needs the help catching up to be ready for college. You'll achieve more racial equality by removing race from the criteria for consideration than you will by any measure of well-intentioned racism to favor those you consider victims of prior racism.