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Unlike some other rightwingers, I don't think all feminists LOVE abortion and want to encourage women to get them. But honestly, videos like this make me think that perhaps Anita Sarkeesian does.
I have no issue with people criticizing the way some CPC operate. None at all, they should be held to an extremely high, strict standard. But telling women not to go to them at all? Acting as if abortions are the cure-all solution to any unplanned pregnancy or woman unsure of what to do when she gets pregnant?
That's just messed up.

Anita is simply crazy (who starts an argument/generalization about video games by talking about Starfox Adventure!?) She dosen't even explain what these centers are doing thats supposedly so awful. Shes basically tricking people into abortions by saying other people are tricking them into not getting them! But if it wasn't for her I might not have discovered RM, so I'll give her that!


Wow - an entire video of total lies. The mis-information campaign is this video. Just another evil liberal woman recruiting young girls to abort their baby.

My lord this video was horribly biased.