Should We Blame The Left for Alexandria?

There are a lot of accusations being thrown around by the right toward the left right now, but I think we should be very careful to attribute violence to rhetoric. Not too much is known about shooter right now concerning his mental health and state of mind at the time of the shooting, plus, if we are looking to blame the left for something, we should focus more on the actual violence (which there is plenty if) instead of what is merely being said.

Violence is never the answer. Dialog, conversation and eating together is.


CryingLiberalLaughing....LOL. While violence obviously shouldnt be the go to response for every problem, there are plenty of times when violence is the ONLY answer

@bitter-clinger like what?

@CryingLibralLaughing most defensive gun uses in America, the invasion of Normandy, Hiroshima, Boudicca's fight against the Romans, Seagull security's anti-piracy actions, most automotive work on Russian vehicales, etc etc,

like defending your property....someone breaks in my house, Im not reasoning with the son of a bitch, Im grabbing my mossberg maverick and putting holes in their dumb ass, period. another example is the warsaw ghetto uprising in 1943....you think the last few jews left in warsaw would have done better trying to havew a nicer kosher dinner and talking it over with the waffen SS? what about the korean store owners during the 1992 rodney king chimp-out. you think the dindu's would have left the korean merchants' stores in south central alone if they had cooked chitlins for em...I doubt it...but semi auto rifles kept their stores intact.