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Being Mixed: My Eurasian Experience

A lot of people have requested I make a video about what it's been like being mixed for me, so here it is!

Its good that you made a video concerning being Eurasian but I think you're being objectively bias. In your other videos you keep talking about how white people are being demonized and have it so bad but when other Eurasians or blacks or other POC want to talk about Social Racism you keep accusing them of being professional victims or SJWs and your bias shows and if you don't see then you are obviously a rightwing SJW. Your experiences differ from many other Eurasians you live in this Utopian world view that everyone is treated the same but you were born into a rich family and you were sent to international schools where you didn't have to worry about being biracial because it was multicultural. Also the whole stereotypes are not a big deal is just insulting and you never had to worry about them considering you went to an international school anyway. Perhaps you should look up the deranged killer Elliot Rodgers.


"Demonized" - yes
"Have it so bad" - Can you refer to the video in which she said it?

Richard Spencer is racist, I agree.
And claiming "White people have demonized every single race in history" makes you racist too.
Are you happy for the attack in Nice because of the attack in Charleston? Why? And how does one attack on christians balances an attack on black people (also christians, but this time attacked for their race) in another country?
The karma you seek is sick.

I am a

father of mixed race kids. thanks for your insight.


OK, here's the deal. There is no better mix than Euro/asian. The most beautiful women, period!

You are incredibly beautiful! The most beautiful woman I ever met was hispanic/guaman, which would equalize at eurasian!!

And Irish Canadian women too.