Would legalising all recreational drugs help reduce gang crime?

jimmy - it's a great question. i hope roaming addresses it on her show. my personal opinion is that we won't know for sure until it's tried. if i had to guess, i'd say it would reduce gang crime, but the alternative might be worse. for example, it might create some major new headaches for local law enforcement, and also ER's at hospitals. if drugs were easily accessible, more people would use them. this means that more people would be driving their cars while stoned or behaving otherwise irresponsibly, than if they didn't have easy access to drugs. so, for that reason, i would be against it.


Answering this on Friday's episode! Short answer, I don't think drug use or possession should be criminalized, but I wouldn't go so far as to outright legalize hard drugs like cocaine or meth. My biggest concern is that people should be CHOOSING not to do drugs, since drug use is a symptom of societal decay, and merely a manifestation of underlying problems.


Thanks Roaming I look forward to watching!