Will you be expanding more on your Christian beliefs and your journey to becoming a Christian in a post or video?

Ehhh, I'm always hesitant to bring up theology or faith because I know that's not why most people sub to me... I'm really not sure. If I do though, it will probably be here as opposed to my main channel. Is there anything specific you'd like to know?

@RoamingMillennial I've been curious to know your reason for supporting LGBT when many Christians (including myself) don't believe it is acceptable. (not trying to be hostile or anything. :))

Also, what was the moment you decided you where definitely Christian and not just questioning?

@Armadillo Homosexuality is not one of the 7 Deadly Sins, it was not condemned by Christ, and the time spent on it in the Bible is minuscule compared to things like pride, lacking forgiveness, general lust, the importance of love, etc. Additionally, when it comes to government-sanctioned same-sex marriage, Christ clearly delineates between what the faith should practice and civil laws. Christians who choose to make homosexuality their hill to die on do much more harm than help for the church in my opinion.

@RoamingMillennial I'm Catholic, and I understand where you're coming from, and, you're right, it shouldn't be the main or only issue Christians push. But I think that if an opinion is unpopular, that doesn't make it incorrect. And, yes, Christ does make the difference between secular and ecclesial laws, but we mustn't forget souls are at risk here, no matter what the sin. Not trying to sound antagonistic at all, by the way. :)


@RoamingMillennial I definitely agree that it shouldn't be illegal (I was talking morally not politically), and that there are others things to talk about.

(I can't tell, do you morally support LGBT or just legally?)

But just because its not a deadly sin or explicity said by Christ dosen't mean its not a sin. Don't forget it was explicitly said to be wrong in the Old Testament. The holiness did not change when Jesus came, what wrong is still wrong. And why does it have to be said more then once for it to be a sin?

The reason why its such an important issue though (as opposed to other sins) is that it destroys the family! You yourself made a whole video about the importance of fathers! How can you support lesbian relationship? The nuclear family is the way families were designed to operate. Without it our whole civilization is put at risk of collapsing.

(Does every comment have to end with a "not hostile" disclosure, or is that understood at this point :p)