Why don't you make videos about the important things that are affecting thousands of people (which is... NOT third wave feminism): the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, the mass shootings in Las Vegas and the case for or against gun control, so forth? This stuff is huge. It's urgent. Instead you're making diss videos over some nobody who hurt your feelings by calling you complicit in white supremacy? WHAT??

She used to do stuff about current events but I think shes still getting back up to speed since slowing down in august and doing guest appearences. That dating video was promised a while ago, so shes getting there.

But really her stuff is more about social politics then current events. Theres a lot of content about PR and los vegas already out there so she might not have much to add anyway.

Plus that hit peice was pretty disrespectful to her and the message shes trying to say. It undercuts her entire platform. (Keep up the great work RM! You're making a difference in the world!)

Feel free to make your own videos though.


Make your own channel, you'll get to talk about whatever you want :D