What solution would you take for the threat of Islamic terrorism? Ban or restrict Muslim immigration? Heavily monitor muslims and mosques in the country? Fight the problem at source through military intervention in countries with Jihad problems like Iraq, Nigeria The Philippines etc? Or something else?

True. But talking about it can inspire some people. It's not simply suggesting violence thats the issuse. As people learn about isis they can be inspired. Isis loves the attention. They want to spread their message. Another problem is that the media distances the terrorists from islam. They don't condemn the very thing that causes it. While not every sect is violent, we need to condemn the ones that are.


Simple answer: everything. Every type of warfare from old fashioned bombs and boots to newly emerging media and dis/information and so on, spys, financial warfare, everything any one can ever think up. It's a world war, and will take generations... and probably won't ever be won or lost in the old-fashioned sense.

It's not the usual type war. It's not over land/resources or even power. They simply want to kill. Their faith requiers them to. That's why there are suicide terrorists. How do you beat an enemy who is willing to die? We can't stop them, we have to change their hearts.

@Armadillo Did you hear that Bin Laden was a big fan of the Dune novels?

@ArthurM Lol, that's hilarious.