What's the deal with girls and their freinds zone anyway? What's wrong with dating friends?

yeah, a little bit, especially in the silly way i phrased it. that evolutionary psychology and hedging their bets theory is the only one ive heard that i can recall atm though.

if anyone knows for sure they'd make a billion bucks i reckon

hang on, don't mgtows just go without women tho? why would they even need to think about this kinda thing? those guys are pretty extreme imo, and extremists are crappy

You could be right, I don't know much about MGTOW. But I've seen some people who have pretty low opinions of women and try to emotionally abuse them. Maybe that's a different group?

that sounds like... every white male in america? haha.
idk much bout them, just from first time i heard the term and looked it up. if any group intentionally seeks to abuse anyone then that's horrible. ive heard of pua's pickup artists, but they always just seemed like clowns, idk if theyve become mgtow or started some strange group? what was that other group... like men's rights activists or something? i remember some valid points about divorce and child custody but then they went all extreme. everyone keeps going extreme :(

I've always figured it was just that she wasn't into him as a romantic partner, but did like him as a friend. No more, no less. Guys can feel that way about girls, too. I mean, there's nothing magical about being married that makes women more able to have male friends-who-aren't-romantic-interests, so if a married woman can have guy friends who are just friends, a single woman can have guy friends who are just friends. The same is true of married and single men with female friends who are just friends. Doesn't make it less upsetting for the poor guy or girl who wants to be more than just friends, but unrequited love is not the end of the world. At least, I know enough people who've experienced it to know that they can go on and sometimes even find somebody else who actually returns their romantic interest.

@Segev I think a lot of girls make it a point not to date guys. Likes they find something about friends off putting.