What is the background of virtualshield? why are they sponsoring certain channels? why your channel roaming? is their software safe, reliable, validated, open... are they funded by americans, saudis, russians, chinese, lizard people?

I don't know much about VirtualSheild, but I will say be careful how you advertise VPNs @RoamingMillennial. Using them for certain activities can be illegal. i.e. Accessing American Netflix from Canada, this voids both the Netflix agreement and the Canadian copyright law.

@Armadillo that's interesting. kinda lame on their part, but interesting. the bbc streaming service blocks ppl from outside the uk but they're funded by uk citizens so that doesn't seem too douchey.

but imagine if virtualshield is run by lefties to get all the alty-rightys information? that'd be hilarious. i think i'll just rely on my unprotected wi-fi which is connected to a unsecured telephone wire which seems to lead into a Flowers By Irene delivery van that's been sitting there for quite a while...

Yeah VPNs can help with privacy, but they are by no means 100% safe.