What do you think of Trump supporting Roy Moore? You've been very quiet on the issue. I think those who hold family values in high esteem are uniquely qualified to speak out on this, so I'd be eager to hear what you have to say.

Could you give a quick summary of the issue? It's hard to keep up. For me anyway :)

Nonsense, @serengeti. It's utterly transparent that those trying to pretend Roy Moore deserves any sort of defection by his supporters and voters over this are actually just realizing that they can't defeat him on the issues. Not only are the charges spurious and without backing, making me suspect they're as real as Dick Ghephardt's "friend" who wanted his taxes raised, or Harry Reid's "friend" who told him that Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes for a decade, but they're also stupidly overblown given their context.

I won't bother addressing either point in more detail here, however, because there's a simpler, more pressing issue: the Left's alternatives are demonstrably worse.

Your argument - whether you state it openly or try to insinuate it - is that Roy Moore's voters should abandon him because he doesn't live up to their moral standards. However, the alternative is a Democrat who, if he's anything like the Democrats already in office or the Leftists who support Democrats in office, is likely at least as bad, if not worse, in terms of sexual "misconduct." And said Democrat is also a policy disaster from the point of view of those who support Roy Moore.

So as a pure calculation, even if we accept that Roy Moore is exactly as depraved as his Democrat opponent, choosing his Democrat opponent over Roy Moore means that we get the same level of depravity in office, as well as policies that Roy Moore's voters don't want.

Roy Moore remains the superior choice.

Somewhere along the line, you Leftists have forgotten that you have to actually present a better alternative if you want your smear campaigns against conservatives to actually mean people won't turn out to vote for them over your slimeballs.

And, just because it does bear repeating now that that's established: we don't believe your lies about our candidates nearly as readily as we once did. You've done it too often, with the same lies from the same playbook, and laughed at us for believing it.

We won't be fooled again, and we won't abandon our candidates just because you made up a fib that is tame compared to the awfulness your guys get up to.

@Segev Well said! I would also like to add that we should be forgiving to people, even for sexual abuse or pedophilia. Plus it's not like those things would matter for the posistion he's running for. People vote based on what he wants to do, not what he has done. And that assumes he did do it, which there is no evidence for.

@Armadillo, I would argue that forgiveness for their sins is something that is irrelevant to this discussion. In an eternal sense, none of us are qualified to be their Judge, nor even their Advocate. Those jobs are spoken for. We're admonished to forgive always. But that doesn't mean we're instructed to always allow any bad behavior anybody wishes to perpetrate. I see no reason to "forgive" somebody who is unrepentant, at least in the sense of awarding them high office or the like on the basis of their sins being forgiven. Nor, however, do I see reason to "forgive" when we have no actual evidence of sin occurring; let's take them at their word when there is ample reason to believe them over their accusers, especially given the benefit to the accusers if the accuser is believed even in the short term. We have due process laws for a reason. But the biggest point is that, in the case of politics, we aren't presented with an alternative that is believably clean of the sins of which our own guys are accused. So, if that's at worst (for our side) a wash, why bother considering it? (Add back in that we have every reason to believe it a lie, and it only gets more silly to do aught but ardently support Judge Moore.)

Policemen and lawyers and courtrooms and all that good stuff.

@Segev It's entirely relevant. People wan't him to drop out simply on the basis he may have committed a crime decades ago that has no barring on the position he's running for (not that I think he's guilty). They don't care if he's sorry or not. In their minds he's tainted by imperfection and should be ostracized by society. What they don't realize is that they themselves are not perfect and no better then him.


The people who want him to drop out aren't actually doing so because they care about the supposed wrongdoing. They are, almost entirely, using that as a fig leaf to pretend that anybody who doesn't want him to drop out is a reprobate rather than merely politically disagreeing with them. They think the supporters of Judge Moore are such simpletons that they'll throw him over for this. They wouldn't honestly care if he had done all they accuse him of plus drowned a girl pregnant with his child in a lake, if it weren't for the fact that they oppose his political stances. They're hypocrites and liars.

Anyone see Steve Bannon's speech to introduce Moore?

My main question would be: why's he keep wearing multiple shirts?


I guess RM isn't gonna respond on this one.

Don't take it personally, she doesn't respond to a lot of them...

the bullshit worked then... barely.