What do you think of the President linking to magapill.com when it has stuff on "earthquake machines," "weaponized vaccinations," and something about a video of Hillary sleeping with an underage girl? Frankly, I get nervous because we all know there are many gullible people online who could read this stuff after Trump links it, and think it's legitimate, but I am open to believing this is positive somehow. Do you have a take on this?

Obama kept his Blackberry. It was a minor scandal at the time, but they did create systems considered secure enough to let him use it, eventually. I imagine those same systems are in place for Trump's tweeting device.

i hope so. isn't there rumours that he doesn't do it himself, he speaks or even writes it on paper then his team tweets it? i hope they all have secure systems if they travel with him. any slip up could really place him in danger - location details, patterns of movement etc etc.

and they must connect to public networks outside of the white house. hopefully the white house wifi is secure lol, but oooff id hate to be the secret service tech guy :)

What I've heard - and I have no special connections to anybody "in the know," so this is rumor that just happens to sound reasonable to me - is that Trump has adamantly refused to hand his Twitter feed over to ANYBODY, on the grounds that he wants it to be his words and only his words going out on it. So I'm fairly sure - based on my belief that this sounds like something Trump would do - that he must be doing his own tweeting. I can't imagine, after 8 years of Obama having his own Blackberry, that they haven't come up with systems to ensure the Presidents' devices' security.

i hope that is true, so that the security problem is at least confined to that one device. i personally think trump tweeting is funny as heck, but also really weird - like the only time i can think of a leader using solely one company's technology would be prime ministers using bbc radio, but that was government run at least. it's so delightfully strange.

and to be 100% of the security they must have had to bring in google android people, twitter people, etc. and like i said - public networks - do they have some kind of virutal perimeter around his device the way they lock down the physical area? they would need to. and remember, a employee at twitter was able to turn off his account? lol!