What do you think of non-Christians celebrating Christmas?

Doesn't bother me. A bigger issue is commercializing Christmas I think because it takes the focus off Jesus. Maybe we need two holidays lol. Really it started as a Christian alternative to a pagan holiday so it's not too different then now. It's funny how it's not seen as cultural appropriation by leftist though lol.

Hate this argument. Yes sure, it’s simply the same thing as previous pagan rituals apart from the name, entire meaning and I’m sure many of the features of it being completely different.

Ha, thats true. My point was more about how Christmas has never been a holy ritual that other religions have. It's more of something we as Christians enjoy doing, not as a religious requirement. Since it started as something more secular it makes sense that it still is. We should encourage people to celebrate with us and spread faith in Christ as we go.